Since 1999

Pride PHC Services was established in 1999 by Lucinda L. Cruz, RN. Locally owned and operated, this San Antonio, Texas based corporation continues to care in our Central and South Texas communities through Medicaid and Private Care programs. Additionally, PRIDE PHC provides information at community activities that include health fairs, volunteerism and financial support to local and national charities. The purpose for doing business remains the same today as it was in 1999, to provide support services that allow individuals to remain safe and independent.



Dec. 1, 1999, Pride PHC Services, Inc officially starts caring in the South and Central Texas communities.



In 2005, Pride PHC Services moves to its current location on San Pedro in San Antonio. This move was initiated due to the growth of internal staff needed to properly serve the growing number of persons being cared for.


15 Years of caring

Pride PHC Services begins its 16th year on December 1st. Pride PHC Administrator and Co-Founder Lucinda Cruz, RN  is recognized by the Alamo Area Home Care Council as the Home Care Hero of 2014. 


18 Years of caring

Pride PHC Services adds STAR KIDS to its programs served.


20 Years of caring

Pride PHC Services celebrates its 20th year of caring on December 1st.  It ends the decade by celebrating the recognition of Vice President Andy Cruz by the Alamo Area Home Care Council as the Home Care Hero of 2019. 



Joined the New Day Team

New Day collaborates and communicates with owners of home care companies to create patient centered solutions and has a history of building patient centered companies and cultures based on value and innovation.