Viva Fiesta! Why Pride Proudly Celebrates With San Antonio

Medals. Parades. Parties. What’s not to love about San Antonio’s signature festival?  At Pride PHC, we take part in Fiesta for broader reasons as well.  Fiesta gives us the opportunity to strengthen the bonds of teamwork in a fun environment.

Being out in San Antonio during Fiesta, and with no other mission or motive than trying to spread happiness and smiles, is the best work our staff can perform collectively.


Annually, Pride participates in the Piñatas in the Barrio, which is an Official Fiesta event, held at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio’s westside. Pride has sponsored a booth at Piñatas in the Barrio for more than 5 years. We have seen the same children celebrate year after year at this event. We usually inviting many of them to join us at our basketball booth and help us raise money for either the American Cancer Society’s – “Relay for Life” or the Alzheimer’s Association“Walk for the Cure”. Our staff loves to bring their children with them for a great day of Fiesta Fun.

We also participate in the San Antonio Salvation Army Senior Festival. Again, for well over 5 years, we have been a staple at this event in the Woodlawn Park neighborhood. Whether Pride is serving as volunteers on the event planning committee, marching in the festival parade, or working a game booth at the festival, a feeling of camaraderie shared by Pride is resoundingly embraced.  It is incredibly heart-warming to spend time with San Antonio’s seniors, who otherwise, would not have another outlet to enjoy one of the cities greatest celebrations for their age group.

So, why do we Fiesta? Fiesta is a way for us to give back to the community and to interact with those whom we serve with Pride. Fiesta also gives us an opportunity to build stronger bonds with our co-workers and their families … doing so in a way that gets us together for fun and for laughs as we altruistically give from the heart.  Pride looks forward to future Fiestas, and sharing the good times with San Antonio.

Written by Andres Cruz, Pride PHC Alternate Administrator

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