Taking better care of yourself for International Self-Care Day

Setting aside time to take care of yourself can be hard to do in today’s busy world, which is one of the main reasons International Self-Care Day was created 10 years ago.

We recognize it every July 24th as a way to better your body and mind in whatever way you feel works for you. That could be some type of exercise, meditation, a relaxation technique.

The beauty of the day is that you get to decide what you want to do to better yourself. Of course, if you are doing any activity that is strenuous that your body isn’t used to, make sure to talk to your caregiver or doctor before taking part. Here are some ways you can engage in better health care through International Self-Care Day. 

#1 Practice Mindfulness

You may have heard the word mindfulness in the past but may not know what it means. Mashable says Mindfulness, or the state of acknowledging the present moment, is one way to tackle built-up stress and anxiety. “The goal of mindfulness is to block out all of the outside noise and focus on only right now to try and remove all negativity from your thoughts,” said Pride PHC Vice-President Andy Cruz. The idea is to take the time to make sure you are mentally and emotionally in the right place, which has an impact on your physical health too.

# 2 Do some light exercise

It isn’t easy to exercise every day. You may be too busy or health conditions may get in the way. However, the physicality of the exercise need not be excessive or rigorous. “Any type of exercise is good for the body. Yoga and stretches can both put your body and mind in the right place to improve your overall health improve,” said Cruz. When it comes to yoga, you don’t need to be an expert to understand the benefits. And in terms of streteching, even the simplest of movements can provide health benefits. Try reaching for the sky in the morning, touching your toes in the afternoon, bending your body in an arch in the evening. After a few days, your muscles should begin to feel the benefits and thank you. 

#3 Go for a walk

Most of us spend stretches of the day walking, but much of it is geared toward reaching some sort of destination. “There are also often distractions along the way that can get in the way of what you are achieving when you are walking for reasons other than exercise,” said Cruz. Try taking a walk in nature but without a goal in mind. The idea is to go somewhere that is quiet and away from other people in order to help remove the stresses of daily life. Doing so can help clear your mind, boost your endorphins and even give you more energy. You’ll also have moer time to take in the beauty of your surroundings.

#4 Take a look at your diet

You don’t necessarily have to engage in a workout to improve your health, because changing your diet can  also provide substantive benefits. “By cutting out unnecessary sugars, fatty foods, and calories, you will feel better and notice you may have more energy,” said Cruz. Inspiremore.com tells us a well-balanced diet does wonders for your physical and mental health.

Doing any one of these tips can help improve the health of your body, your mind, and how you feel overall. Don’t let International Self-Care Day pass you by without taking action. Consider turning this one day into a daily practice that transforms your life. 

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