Homemade Wheelchair Cushions Make for Compassionate Caregiving

Caregiving for seniors comes with a set of intrinsic challenges, especially when you are working with someone in a wheelchair who has lost their mobility.  Sitting or lying in the same position can often lead to bedsores, which increases discomfort. Preventative measures are therefore advised in order to avoid unnecessary suffering.  Durable wheelchair cushions help prevent bedsores […]

It Makes Sense For Caregivers To Help Seniors Avoid Financial Scams

There are many reasons why it makes sense for senior citizens to seek assistance from caregivers. They may have mobility or health concerns, that make it difficult to complete daily tasks such as cooking, bathing or cleaning on their own. But a provider can also provide financial support, preventing seniors from falling into common traps […]

Helping Seniors Cope after Loss of a Loved One 

For seniors hit with the loss of a spouse or a loved one who was receiving care in their home, the grieving process can be a difficult, long road, especially if the death comes after a protracted illness.  Seeing the health of a loved one deteriorate day after day can lead to heavy emotional consequences. […]