Senior Citizens With Questions About About Aging

Who can I ask about senior services? Where can I get help understanding my Medicare? How can I get help with paying my medications?

These are a few of the most pressing questions seniors ask themselves daily, and unfortunately they don’t know that we have tremendous local resources which can help with all of your questions and many more.

The Bexar Area Agency on Aging (BAAA) manages needs in Bexar County. The Alamo Area Agency on Aging (AAAA) facilitates seniors in surrounding counties. Both have programs which can help explain Medicare and help you better understand this program.  They put you in contact with their benefits counselors who take the time to help you select the best Medicare Advantage plan based on your medications, and the doctors you see.  They also help you with getting assistance for your home and getting it energy efficient with new windows and doors and even replacing an old appliance.                  

BAAA operates the Alamo Service Connection (ASC).  The ASC has an extensive database with information about Medicare, Social Security, legal aid, housing assistance, home repairs, residential support services, assistance with household expenses, and access to transportation services.

If you need transportation because you are no longer able to drive or you don’t have a family member available to take you where you need to go, they can connect you with transportation and get you on the road, whether it be to the grocery store or just visiting a friend.  BAAA and AAAA also offer health and wellness programs to senior citizens which focus on a range of topics including reducing fears and concerns about falls, and self management of chronic diseases and diabetes.

Are you a caregiver and not sure where you can receive support? Or do you need information about care giving?  Or perhaps, you are searching for a small, peace of mind break for the care of your loved one. All these questions can be answered by calling The Bexar Area on Aging and Alamo Area on Aging.

They also have a number of great programs for veterans, and because we live in Military City, USA veteran wellness is especially important.

And if they don’t have a program that can help you, they are connected to myriad resources for senior citizens which can give you the assistance you need, and they will connect you with that agency.

Why not give them a call? You will be speaking with a real person and they will take their time talking to you to ensure your questions get answered.

Here are the numbers you need:

210-477-3275 or (866) 231-4922

Written by Veronica Arriaga, Pride PHC Field Supervisor

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