Putting Happy Back Into Happy Holidays

The holidays are intended to be a happy time – one of presents, family, food, and togetherness. But with the elderly, the approach of a new year can have a dispiriting effect. Senior citizens may have a tendency to get a little blue around the holidays. It can be easy to reflect upon memories with friends or family members who have passed on, or they may feel isolated and lonely if they aren’t able to travel to be with family that year. 

Pride PHC takes a more holistic approach to senior care. In addition to a full range of assistance to help our clients with their activities of daily living, we offer an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on. Pride PHC Vice President Andy Cruz is a firm believer in expanding the traditional footprint of care. His mission is to foster a better life for Pride PHC clients. “We are proud of the services we offer to help with the day-to-day, but we also work hard to make sure our clients are happy and upbeat as much as possible. We encourage communities of people to get together and create new friendships. It’s never too late to make a new friend or to hear someone’s story. Especially around the holidays. It’s all about heart. That’s us. That’s Pride.”

In speaking with Andy, he outlined a few strategies that seniors can implement to fend off the holiday blues.

  1. Replace guilt with gratitude

It may sound simplistic, but gratitude can create a world of difference. Physically, our minds are not capable of feeling truly grateful and sad simultaneously. For a minute, try reframing your perspective. Instead of feeling sad or angry about loss, try feeling thankful for what is and what has been. Reflect on positive memories with family. Be thankful for the friends, colleagues, and family members who are still in your life. This can be a powerful place to start. 

  1. Talk it out

Perhaps the most effective method of therapy is… therapy. But this does not always require a visit to a doctor. Try to borrow a friend’s attention for a minute and explain your feelings. Sometimes putting your emotions into words can help. Often, by the time you’ve explained your feelings to a trusting companion, you’re feeling better already.

  1. Avoid alcohol

A glass or two  of booze around the holidays may have been a part of your past, but alcohol is a depressant. Drinking can contribute to gloom and sadness. Avoiding alcohol can be a great way to prepare your brain for a more positive outlook. 

  1. Offer to listen

Perhaps the finest way to get your mind off your own worries is to learn about someone else. At first, people think that this would only compound your own negative feelings, but it can be helpful to focus on another case momentarily. In addition, lending your time may really help them through their own struggle. It always feels great to help others. 

  1. Talk with a healthcare provider

Sometimes the holiday blues become too severe for a simple conversation with a friend. In these cases, it can be best to seek professional counsel to work through your emotions. The team at Pride PHC is always here to listen and help our clients navigate the bumps in life. For matters more persistent or severe, Pride can also act as a powerful liaison to the next level of support. 


Pride PHC is in its 20th year of providing support services for home care and private care to the elderly and homebound, so that they can live safely and independently in the comfort of their own home. Our trained team of caregivers serves the San Antonio Metro Region including Eagle Pass, Crystal City, New Braunfels and Floresville.








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