How To Celebrate National Senior Citizen’s Day with Gusto!

National Senior Citizens Day is not just a day with a glorified title. It’s an opportunity. “It’s a special day on the calendar that recognizes all the wonderful things our nation’s senior citizens contribute to our society every day.” said San Antonio Pride PHC Vice President, Andy Cruz. 

Today, people are living longer, working longer, and are healthier than ever before. More than 78 million people are 65 and older in the United States today and that number is growing. More and more seniors are embarking on second careers and finding new ways to make an impact on our society. 

So what are some great ways to celebrate National Senior Citizen’s Day?

Start the day with a bargain. Often restaraunts offer specials for seniors on this day. Check around your neighborhood for a great meal deal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Nothing beats a great meal with friends at a great price. Sometimes you can find other shopping offers as well. It’s worth look into to see what’s out there. 

After breakfast, perhaps there’s a chance for you to volunteer. Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosyln set the standard,  volunteering to build homes for Habitat for Humanity. President Carter was often pictured side by side, hammer in hand,  with hundreds of volunteers half his age, building a house for someone who was dreaming of a new home. 

“During these uncertain times there are so many people in need. “Volunteering is one of the best ways to celebrate the day. It gives a senior a sense of purpose which is key to a longer and heathier life, while helping others at the same time”, said Cruz.  There may be great opportunities to volunteer from home as well.  When you volunteer you can change the the life of a neighbor and your own. Try it. It feels great. 

Remember the thrill of creating a work of art, molding a planter out of clay, or creating a wood working master piece? National Senior Citizen’s Day is the perfect time to jump start the activities that made you happy. It’s the perfect time to create your perfect garden, or paint that landscape that’s been inside your head for years. “When a senior is busy with water colors, or putting the final touches on model car, or even planting the perfect vegetable garden, happiness emerges in every other part of their lives”, said Andy Cruz.

If you are under the age of 65, there is plenty you can do to help your favorite senior citizen celebrate National Senior Citizen’s Day which was named a holiday by President Ronald Reagan in 1988.

Depression can be devastating for our seniors. Older adults often suffer a poorer quality of life. They tend to seek out medical services much more often, and they are far less independent. National Senior Citizens Day is a great opportunity to visit a senior you know in the neighborhood. “Keeping a senior connected and engaged can keep depression from setting in”, said Cruz. “Just having company and great conversation can make all the difference!”  You can even use the day to visit or volunteer for the day at at your local senior center or nursing home. But It is important to check on changing visiting procedures as communities deal with Covid-19. 

Finally, it’s a great day to celebrate family history. Sit with your mother, father, uncle or aunt. Go through the family albums. You’ll find smiles come to their faces at the chance to tell you great famiy stories. “It’s amazing when family history and stories are retold,” said Cruz. “Seniors often remember details long lost over time and you can see their excitement as they recall great memories.”  

You may even be surprised at what you learn. Remember, our senior citizens were witness to a lot of history and some of that history can be hidden in family geneology and teasured stories just waiting to be told. 

National Senior Citizens Day is far more than just a day to recognize seniors. “It’s our chance to help ever senior rejuvinate, find joy and continue being productive,” said Cruz. “That’s what Pride PHC Services is all about.”

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