They may be your saving grace when you need a last-minute babysitter or someone you can always count on for advice. Grandparents are without a doubt a big support system in our lives. On National Grandparents Day September 9th, we want to remind you why it’s important to make sure they feel special.

Grandparents not only play a big role in our lives, but they can have a meaningful impact on our children. In fact, when grandparents are part of a child’s life, kids are more social and involved at school. Children also have more compassion and care for others.

“Grandparents have wisdom beyond our years. There’s so  much we can all learn from them. They are truly amazing teachers. National Grandparents Day is special day to recognize these truly special people,” said Andy Cruz, Pride PHC Vice President.

Here are several tips we recommend to help you celebrate the grandparent in your life:


Here’s an opportunity to treat them to a meal and spend quality time together. You can cook their favorite meal or take them out to a restaurant of their choice. Research shows people who eat meals together are more happy. So dish them a full meal of happiness!


This special day is all about doing what your grandparent wants. You can ask them to pick out their favorite hobby to get their body moving and then join in on the fun! This is a chance to bond and learn something. You never know the lasting memories you’ll create from just a simple activity. Have you tried knitting or yoga? Today is the day to give it a shot.


At the end of the day, you don’t have to do take part in any particular activity. Simply spending time with them is significant on its own.  Seniors face loneliness and depression in their old age. You can help mitigate their loneliness by visiting them at their home or their assisted living facility. Besides birthdays, anniversaries or holidays, it may be a rare thing that you carve out specific time for these family members. Take this day to truly recognize and celebrate your grandparents.

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