Meditation: Plug In To Unplug In Stress-Filled World

Please refrain from meditation while you are reading this. Otherwise, I sure hope you’re ready to embrace an ancient but popular method of unplugging. It used to be, that if you meditated, you were considered a little weird, but today, it is a normal part of any busy, modern person’s everyday routine, for greater health and well-being.

In 1979, Jon Kabat-Zinn, founded the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program at the University of Massachusetts, as a way to help treat patients with chronic illnesses – and since then, meditation has been widely studied and increasingly applied for its therapeutic effects. ( – July 2016) Thought to be a NEW AGE practice, many had not given mediation the attention that this 5,000+ year old practice deserves. But the undisputed scientific findings that prove the health benefits of meditation have made it a more acceptable practice across many age groups.

Athletes and top executives use meditation for developing intense focus and self-discipline. Main stream population uses it as a stress-reduction technique and as medical intervention that promotes healing. Did you know that NBA legend LeBron James reportedly meditated to give him an edge during an actual game in 2012?  Meantime, Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll insisted all players participate in meditation sessions during the team’s Super Bowl winning season in 2013.

10 minutes a day is enough time for you to begin to experience the benefits of meditation. You don’t have to sit for hours on end to enjoy this 5,000 year old practice that has the most marvelous application in today’s hurry-up, stressed-out world! I personally have used HEADSPACE – a mobile phone optimized meditation tool.  So, if you need to unplug, now there’s an APP for that too.

Here is an article about HEADSPACE if you are interested in learning more:

May you find peace and serenity in your journey with meditation.  I hope your experience is similar to mine, and that it helps to clear your head and cleanse your mind, body and spirit.


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