I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like to live longer, but sometimes our lives are cut short due to our own negligence or just the fact that, we are unaware of a few, easy things  we can do to promote our own longevity. Sometimes our great God just has other plans for us. Until then, here are some tips I would like to share with you (only if you want to stay down to Earth for a little bit longer). ☺

Stay as Active as Possible

Exercise is and will always be something that we can do to give us strength, happiness, and peace. When we are strong, happy and relaxed, I believe we are our youngest version of ourselves. Being active automatically keeps us young. Without movement, our bodies will operate at a much slower pace causing our bones to become brittle and achy as well as our joints and muscles. The tortoise never passed up the hare just sitting there. Exercise increases how fast our white blood cells work and could prevent the overgrowth of bacteria to help rid our bodies of dangerous toxins.

Eat Foods Which Are Rich in Antioxidants and Drink Water Religiously

Bright colorful fruits and vegetables are filled with antioxidants which fight more than one of the side effects of aging. Eating these high-antioxidant foods can reduce visible wrinkles and even soothe sunburns. Not only do they help work on what our bodies look like on the outside, but they also repair and reverse the aging process taking place inside of our bodies. Antioxidants give us energy and vitality. Try to eat vegetables every day in salads or make a fruit plate. Either way, you will benefit with a better “you,” both inside and out. Wash down everything you eat with water. Water is the medication for hydration because it increases energy and helps fight fatigue.

Maintain Social Connections and Develop Stress Busting Habits

Be the person who is sociable and meets new people at a party.  Relationships help us ward off depression and negative feelings. Meantime, know how to take care of your body when you feel stressed. A daily walk with a friend is a good way to ward off stress. Walking and talking are great ways to vent and release bottled up feelings as well as and endorphins. I also like brain puzzles.  They alter the routine in your life and those same old patterns in your mind which keep you on a status quo trajectory. Meditation is always good. The benefits will become more and more powerful when you practices regularly.

Longevity: Final Thoughts

A meaningful life is not guaranteed by the longevity of our existence. However, I believe we have a greater shot of leaving a legacy of significance, if we are given a longer path to navigate this journey.

Written by Tracey Egert of Pride PHC

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