Celebrating Grandparents Day! 

They are members of the family who often have very creative names. Some families know them as Abuela and Abuelo or Peepaw and Sasa. Others may know them as Nana and Gee Gee or Oma and Opa .  By any name, they are grandparents and the first Sunday after Labor Day is THEIR DAY: Grandparents Day!  In 1978, President Jimmy Carter formally signed the proclamation for Grandparents Day to be celebrated across the nation.  

“Grandparents are the backbone, the foundation, and the heroes of many families.  They often come with presents or pockets full of candy for eager grandchildren.” said Pride PHC Vice President, Andy Cruz.  

Author Regina Brett once said, “If you are lucky enough to still have grandparents, visit them, cherish them and celebrate them while you can.”

Despite the fact that COVID-19 is still having a profound impact on families around United States, there are still wonderful ways to celebrate these special people in our lives. 

Ideas to Celebrate the Day

A video chat is a great way to connect with grandparents and it does not mean just conversation. 

“When a grandparent has been isolated from family for months, and they can see and hear their grandchildren, it is a tremendous emotional boost.” said Cruz. 

When you set up a video chat, you set up a stage of non-stop entertainment for everyone. Grandchildren can play live music, read books out loud, or show off those fancy dance moves. 

Sending a “care package” is another idea that can lift a grandparent’s day. The package can be filled with treats, fuzzy socks, or a new, soft fleece blanket. What is your grandmother’s favorite candy? What is your grandfather’s favorite cookie? A surprise box filled with treats and gifts are always welcome on Grandparents Day. 

Sending a card with a heartfelt message can go a long way to making Grandparents Day special. Don’t leave out anything. Grandparents always want to know the details of the lives of their extend family. Don’t be afraid to write about a great book you’ve read, or a movie you have seen with the family.  Grandparents love reading about all if it. Even the smallest of detail from a school event you think is of no consequence, is just what every grandparent looks forward to when reading a card or letter.  

Grandparents take on a big job, AGAIN.  

Not all grandparents have the luxury of sitting back and spoiling the grandchildren. Some grandparents have to assume the role of parent once again. They must step into the role of prime caretaker and that key role of shaping young lives. Perhaps you’ve heard of a few. Some familiar names who were raised by their grandparents are Oprah Winfrey, actor Jack Nicholson, singer Willie Nelson, and Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. 

In the case of one group of San Antonio grandparents, they are not only taking care of their own grandchildren full time, they are making sure other area children are ready for a new school year. One special group got together to make sure some lucky San Antonio students could kick off the new school year with backpacks full of the supplies they will need for success. 

“Celebrating Grandparents Day nourishes, and renews the family bonds across the generations. That is what makes Grandparents Day so special.” Said Cruz. 

The grandfather making Presidential history with a twist

The Tyler family of Virginia has a very special grandparent story no one can duplicate anywhere in the United States or the world. Yes, Harrison Ruffin Tyler is a grandfather.  Harrison is also the last surviving GRANDSON of our nation’s 10th President. That’s right. He is the grandson of John Tyler who was President of the United States from 1841 to 1845. This unique branch of the Tyler family tree grew through a series of divorces and new marriages by both Harrison’s grandfather and father. So, why have you never heard of Harrison Ruffin Tyler before? Because unlike his famous grandfather, he has never had ambition to be president or enter politics. But he is working to preserve his family’s history, while making a little of his own in 2021.  Harrison’s own grandchildren will be thanking him as they celebrate their special grandfather on Grandparents Day.  

We hope we have given you ways to cherish and celebrate your grandparents, when Grandparents Day rolls around for another year.

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