4 Great Ideas To Support Earth Day And Enrich Your Life

Senior Citizens Walking On Earth Day

Earth Day is here, and it’s an excellent opportunity to recognize that we all need to treat our planet with care and respect. The concept of global warming and its impact on us has been in the news a lot lately. The theme of Earth Day 2022 is “Invest in our Planet”. The goal this […]

6 Steps to Take Care of Your Heart

hand holding heart

February is synonymous with Valentine’s Day and love, but did you know it’s also American Heart Health Month? It’s the perfect time to remind you how serious the risk of heart disease can be and how to prevent heart problems. Taking care of your “ticker” can be the greatest gift you can give yourself and […]

Why COVID-19 increases the importance of a flu shot for the elderly

Giving Flu Shot To Woman

It is critical for the health of senior citizens that they get that annual flu shot, because they are much more vulnerable to contracting the flu as an age group. With the spread of COVID-19 across America, and the heightened vulnerability of the elderly to Coronavirus, getting your flu shot is now even more important.  […]