Tips to Help Older Adults Stay Active During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Elderly woman meditating

During this time of social distancing, older adults may feel it is in the best interest of their health for them to stay inside and away from others. Although isolation may keep COVID-19 away, a sedentary lifestyle may lead to additional complications and health problems which stem from a reduction in physical movement and interaction […]

How to Become a Paid Family Caregiver in Texas

NOTE: The story of Amber and Roger, which you are about to read, is similar to thousands we have heard during our 20 years of providing home care and private care in San Antonio and South Texas. That said, we want you to know we have created their story to protect the identities of current […]

Combating Social Isolation Among Our Seniors

It is probably not news to you that America is an aging nation. The implications for economic growth and the labor force are often discussed in financial headlines. Texas is no exception – the 2010 census showed roughly 15% of the population in the state to be 60 or older. That demographic is projected by […]

Home Care For An Aging Parent: Easy Ways to Provide Quality Time

They spent their lives providing care and a home for you.  Now it is your turn to pay it forward for an aging parent. How long do you spend scrolling on your cell phone? Surfing the web? Reading a few chapters in a book? What about the time you spend flipping through TV programs? Have […]

Senior Citizens With Questions About About Aging

Who can I ask about senior services? Where can I get help understanding my Medicare? How can I get help with paying my medications? These are a few of the most pressing questions seniors ask themselves daily, and unfortunately they don’t know that we have tremendous local resources which can help with all of your questions and […]