Advice For Senior Citizens Wanting To Stay Healthy During The Pandemic

Portrait of senior woman

It has been more than half a year since the coronavirus pandemic reached the United States. Ever since, and in the spirit of advocating for health and safety, there has been a surge in social distancing, a spike in face masks, and an increase in handwashing . Many Americans still fear leaving their homes, especially […]

Boosting the mental health of the elderly during the COVID-19 crisis

Thoughtful senior man standing

Dealing with social distancing and in many cases social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic can be extremely tough, and that is especially the case for many senior citizens who live alone. That is why for caregivers, it is of the utmost importance to keep up with the mental health of those clients in their care.  […]

How to support elderly friends and family during the pandemic

Living alone can be tough at times, especially if you are an older adult, even more so if you factor in the toll of the COVID-19 pandemic and its social distancing mandates. But there are things you can do to help your elderly friends and family during these challenging times. #1 INTRODUCE THEM TO TECHNOLOGY […]

5 Tips For Caregivers For Staying Safe During The COVID-19 Pandemic

For caregivers enterring the home of a client or providing care for a relative in their own home, there are several, critical things to keep in mind for your own safety. We advise you to take note of these tips to so that you and your client are as safe as possible from contracting COVID-19. […]

Heat Safety for Senior Citizens

Summer has arrived in a big way across San Antonio with record heat blanketing the region. We are right in the middle of our first heatwave of 2020, and it is a very dangerous one. With several more days of triple digits in the forecast, that means heat safety precautions need to be taken very […]

COVID-19 Prevention for the Elderly

Man wearing a respiratory mask, holding the Coronavirus Covid-19 sign

We are now several months into the COVID-19 pandemic and still learning so much about this deadly disease. One thing we do know with certainty is that the elderly is one group that is more susceptible to developing serious complications when the virus attacks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates adults 65 […]

Call to Action

Dear Pride PHC Services Clients and Employees, I am solemnly and wholeheartedly reaching out to you to share my thoughts on the recent, unjustified tragedies that have taken place in our nation where black men have been killed by brutal acts of law enforcement aggression. These tragedies have sparked much thought, much conversation and much […]

COVID-19 and the Melancholy Hugger

Well everyone, I hope you are all well as we persevere through this crazy pandemic. As someone who could be considered the Poster Girl for actually catching the virus, being over 65 and having several of the chronic health issues, I am grateful to say as of today I am COVID-19 free. I know this invisible […]

Putting Happy Back Into Happy Holidays

The holidays are intended to be a happy time – one of presents, family, food, and togetherness. But with the elderly, the approach of a new year can have a dispiriting effect. Senior citizens may have a tendency to get a little blue around the holidays. It can be easy to reflect upon memories with […]

5 Tips to Healthy Aging for the Elderly

It’s never too late to take charge of your health, regardless of your age. There are simple lifestyle changes that you can make now that should make a big difference. Here are 5 tips to healthy aging for the elderly: #1 Eat clean Nutrition is the foundation for a healthy body. According to the Centers […]