Helping Senior Citizens Cope With Grief

Helping senior citizens cope with grief

A painful crossroad The loss of a loved one, spouse, or friend is a reality of the human experience. But it does not make it any easier when someone close passes away. Think about it. Death is a painful thing for anyone to endure. But for an older adult it can be especially painful as […]

Omicron and You: 6 Tips to Protect Your Health

The doctor holds the coronavirus vaccine.

Preliminary studies suggest that the omicron variant of Covid-19, while highly transmissible, is not as severe as delta.  “All indications point to a lesser severity of omicron versus delta,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s top health advisor and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, during a White House […]

10 Overlooked Inflation Fighting Tips For Senior Citizens

10 Overlooked Inflation Fighting Tips For Senior Citizens If you feel like you are paying a lot more for virtually everything you buy these days, that’s inflation. When prices rise and diminish the value of your hard-earned dollars. That is inflation. But it is not just for any one or two products. Inflation occurs when […]

How to protect the elderly from abuse: World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

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We are taught when we are young that the elderly are fragile and that they deserve to be respected and loved. And yet, there is an expanding epidemic of elder abuse worldwide, with many nations experiencing rapidly aging populations. That is why World Elder Abuse Awareness Day was launched by the International Network for the […]

7 handy tips to keep you safe all summer

How safe are you? As we get older, our safety becomes far more tenuous. We are not as physically, psychologically, or as socially sturdy as we used to be. Life for us is much more fragile, because the end of our lifespan is within reach. That said, there is no better time than the present […]

FREE Covid-19 Tests NOW Available

GET FREE AT-⁠HOME COVID-⁠19 TESTS AT COVIDTESTS.GOV Starting this week, free Covid-19 at-home tests are available to all Americans at The first tests will ship by the end of January. The White House says “tests will typically ship within 7-12 days of ordering” through the U.S. Postal Service. USPS reports shipping times of 1-3 days for […]

Celebrating Grandparents Day! 

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They are members of the family who often have very creative names. Some families know them as Abuela and Abuelo or Peepaw and Sasa. Others may know them as Nana and Gee Gee or Oma and Opa .  By any name, they are grandparents and the first Sunday after Labor Day is THEIR DAY: Grandparents […]

5 Tips: Summer Safety

The Texas heat can put older adults in a danger. Here are a few quick tips from the team at Pride to help the senior citizens in your life to BEAT THE HEAT.

The hottest days of the year have finally arrived. And so, it is very appropriate for us to remind older adults to take the necessary steps to prevent heat-related illnesses. Friends, family, and caregivers can all play a part to help ensure a safe and cool summer. Think summer safety! While none of us is immune […]

4 Things to Know: Why You Need a COVID-19 Booster

Coronavirus Covid-19 vaccine. Covid19 research

It has been more than six months since COVID-19 vaccines started rolling out across the United States. “If you haven’t gotten a COVID-19 vaccine, there is now an abundant supply and still plenty of time to get one,” said Pride PHC Vice-President Andy Cruz.  About half of all Americans are fully vaccinated, and the vaccination […]

How To Celebrate National Senior Citizen’s Day with Gusto!

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National Senior Citizens Day is not just a day with a glorified title. It’s an opportunity. “It’s a special day on the calendar that recognizes all the wonderful things our nation’s senior citizens contribute to our society every day.” said San Antonio Pride PHC Vice President, Andy Cruz.  Today, people are living longer, working longer, […]