Call to Action

Dear Pride PHC Services Clients and Employees,

I am solemnly and wholeheartedly reaching out to you to share my thoughts on the recent, unjustified tragedies that have taken place in our nation where black men have been killed by brutal acts of law enforcement aggression. These tragedies have sparked much thought, much conversation and much emotion in my household and here at Pride PHC. I am speaking about the senseless deaths of Botham Jean, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd – and too many others.

The majority of the people we serve and employ at Pride PHC are minorities. I, myself, am of Hispanic origin. Our company of 20 years stands on a foundation of compassionate care and empathy for people of all backgrounds. Together, we make a positive difference on a daily basis. Many of you, clients and caregivers alike, are trying to make sense of the atrocities that have taken place and may be thinking of ways you can participate in positive change that is long overdue.

Many believe that no one is listening, that their voices have not been previously heard, are not being heard, or will never be heard. I want to encourage you to keep speaking, and to keep listening for the opportunity to help effect change in a peaceful and positive manner. 

The unjust killing of a person should not be accepted, by anyone. Like many of you, I am saddened and angered by uncalled for abuse of power and the deaths that continue to occur at the hands of  “authorities”. We must keep in mind these instances are not reflective of the collective good of the law enforcement community. To paint law enforcement with a wide and aimless brush is illogical.   

We are a diverse nation, full of hope and wonder. We are unique individuals, sharing humanity with one another. I define humanity as benevolence – the quality of being well-meaning and kind. We are a country of all sorts of colors and creeds, who are in agreement on what is wrong in our society. We are men, women, children, parents, friends, partners, co-workers, neighbors and strangers. We are together in the struggle to make sense of our surroundings and the senseless actions of others. We are together in wanting our neighborhoods, communities, and our world to be a better place. A peaceful place where we can walk freely, without worry, and enjoy whatever it is that motivates us during our journey. 

I write this message to convey to you, that you are not alone in finding courage on how to respond to the violation of an individual’s basic, God-given rights. Our reactions to this time of turmoil will define us as communities and a nation. I am taking a path of education and conversation. I am trying to listen as much as I speak.

As we search for holistic healing and justice, I have hope that through kindness to each other, we will realize that the many liberties offered to us in this nation, we call America, can still be enjoyed, freely. I wish you peace and tranquility during this reflective time. 

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. (Dalai Lama)

With hope and understanding, 

Andres Cruz

Vice President 

Pride PHC Services

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