Aging In Place: Age The Way You Want To

Aging at home with the care you want sounds nice. And it is possible.

Written by Tracey J. Egert

The sun rises in the east and every evening we watch it slowly set in the west. Each morning you get up and try to give the day the Lord has made, your very best.

The month of your birthday draws near. But as soon as the day is here, just as fast as it came, it disappears.

Knowledge is power -hour after hour- your old age blesses you with new wisdom that won’t wither away like a flower.

The sooner you learn about senior safety and the importance of it as you are aging, the more you will flourish and grow far beyond your lingering fears.

Do you ever ask yourself where you would like to spend the remainder of your most precious time? Do you have a burning desire to stay at home as you are aging? Or would you prefer to live your golden years from behind the window of a senior home?

If questions or thoughts such as these surface, then you may be one of the 90% of older adults who want to remain within the comfort of your own home later in life.

“Aging in Place” – describes your desire to live out your life within the comfort of your own home. And here at Pride PHC, we believe everyone is entitled to “Aging in Place.” We recommend, however, a few simple home modifications to fit your needs, so you can age in place and at your own pace.

Doors can be widened to improve mobility. Grab bars can be added in your bathrooms to minimize the risk of slips and falls. Some of you may consider placing a wheelchair ramp at your home, to help you transition from the outside to the inside.

Pride PHC can put you in touch with specialists who work with senior citizens to implement home modifications.

Speak from your heart and raise your voice. Make change in your life a possible choice.

Turn a hazardous house into a safe haven. Live independently wherever you are staying.

And if you need support or help inside your home, Pride PHC can help you so that you’re not alone.


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