Advice For Senior Citizens Wanting To Stay Healthy During The Pandemic

It has been more than half a year since the coronavirus pandemic reached the United States. Ever since, and in the spirit of advocating for health and safety, there has been a surge in social distancing, a spike in face masks, and an increase in handwashing . Many Americans still fear leaving their homes, especially seniors. But there are important facets of life which are safe, now that we know more about Coronavirus and how it spreads.


Physicians have reported patient visits and check-ups dropping since the pandemic began. “One of the worst things for your health, especially if you have a chronic health condition, is skip a doctor visit,” said Pride PHC Vice-President Andy Cruz. Routine doctor appointments give you insight into your health and how to improve it. 


Your dental health and your physical health are directly related. We know as seniors get older some things fall by the wayside, but dental visits are key to staying healthy. Advanced Smile Care of San Antonio reminds us that our mouth is the gateway to our entire body, especially with COVID-19. And so a key to good health during this pandemic is maintaining strong oral health.


Even though many of us are social distancing and not leaving our home, keeping up with your appearance can have a great impact on our mental well-being. And so, treat yourself right and don’t staying away from your barber or the beauty shop. “Just think of that wonderful feeling you get when you leave a hair salon and you know you look better than you did before,” said Cruz. Now that we know stylists are taking meticulous precautions, according to the New York Times, as long as a senior does their part to be cautious too, it is okay to get that trim or style up their hair.


Even during a pandemic, social interaction is critical to stay mentally and emotionally healthy. It is possible to be social while keeping your social distance. Research shows you are less likely to catch the virus if you socialize outdoors, you wear a mask, and you stay at least six feet away from everyone. Try to keep the number of people near you as low as possible. 

If you haven’t jumped back into life as it used to be, we are here for you at Pride PHC to give you recommendations. We are always available to provide you with guidance about which activities are safe.

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