Fall Prevention Awareness

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Fall Prevention Awareness

NOTE: The story of Christina, which you are about to read, is similar to thousands we have heard during our 20 years of providing home care and private care in San Antonio and South Texas. That said, we want you to know we have created her story to protect the identities of current clients whose life experiences are very similar to Christina.

There are two phases of life for Christina: before the fall and after the fall.

In August 2017, Christina was getting out of a bathtub at her apartment on San Antonio’s West Side when she slipped and fell on to the tile floor of her bathroom. The last thing she remembers about the fall was the hard crash of her head. The fall resulted in a concussion, as the bathtub overran with water and flooded her bathroom. She regained consciousness in a puddle of water with a huge knot on the back of her head.

2017 was a traumatic year for Christina. She spent 6 months in rehabilitation after her accident. But now, two years later, she has made a healthy, full recovery and now lives her life with a far different perspective. She constantly warns her elderly friends that their living spaces need to be as “fall-proof” as possible. This week is very important for Christina because it is National Fall Prevention Week (Sep. 23rd-29th).

So, how has life changed for Christina since the fall?

“For one thing, I fixed up the apartment so that I have more things to hang onto now” she said, “I used to get around my place with no problem, but with age, my balance and mobility are not what they used to be. I just have to be extra careful these days seeing that I am turning 80-years old next month.”

Christina and her family have made extensive improvements to their home to prevent additional falls. We are sharing a few options with you in order to help inform you of changes you might want to consider to prevent homes where you live:

  1. A walker for longer adventures out of the house and a cane for general mobility.

We are sharing links with you to highly rated, affordable walkers and canes we found at Walmart as well as a list reviewing the best canes on the market.




  1. Grip mats with textured materials for bathrooms and stairs.

This article lists the Top 10 best shower mats for seniors along with pros and cons for each product and links to purchase.


  1. Suction-cup bathroom handles.

Handles and railings in “trouble spots,” including handles which adhere to the sides of a tub and your bathroom to help your entrance and exit. At the time of this writing, Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart both have products in stock with positive reviews at affordable prices.



“Falls can cause serious injuries for people at any age, but especially the elderly. Their bones are far more brittle than when they were younger, and even a minor fall can lead to serious setbacks for seniors, and in thousands of instances every year, a senior citizen will lose their life as a result of a fall,” said Andres Cruz Vice President of Pride PHC. “I am not trying to make light of the danger, but seniors need to take the appropriate steps to ensure their home is senior safe.  The majority of falls can be prevented, and we want to do our part at Pride PHC to help keep you healthy and on your feet.”

About Us: Pride PHC is in its 20th year of providing support services for home care and private care to the elderly and disabled, so that they can live safely and independently in the comfort of their own home. Our trained team of caregivers serves the San Antonio Metro Region including Eagle Pass, Crystal City, New Braunfels and Floresville.

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