Walking: Benefits to Your Mind and Body

As senior citizens age, it becomes more difficult to find a way to exercise. But the exercise does not need to be strenuous. One of the best exercises for the elderly is walking. It’s an easy activity that can be done anytime. Consequences of inactivity There are health consequences for seniors who remain sedentary. Inactivity affects blood […]

Meditation: Health Benefits for the Elderly

Meditation is a low-energy, high-results exercise with a history of thousands of years. This exercise is proven to be especially beneficial for the elderly. Seniors may be home-bound, in nursing homes or at long-term facilities. The practice of mindfulness through meditation may help them cope with their loneliness, emotions, and can benefit their health. Meditation […]

Helping Senior Citizens Live Safely at Home: 4 Tips

The vulnerabilities of aging make it essential that we help them to live safely

The idea of life in an assisted living facility or a retirement community may not be the first choice for everyone in their golden years. A growing number of senior citizens are choosing to stay in place and age in the comfort of their home. A recently published report from The Harvard Joint Center for Housing […]