Abuse of the Elderly: Prevention and Awareness

This is the time of year when there is heightened focus on preventing abuse of the elderly, and growing awareness about abuse of our seniors. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day takes place on June 15th. And we are just wrapping up Elder Abuse Prevention Month in Texas, which takes place annually in May. Here at Pride […]

Healthy Aging: A Balancing Act For America’s Older Adults

Good balance is a physical condition you might take for granted when you are young and healthy.  Balance is vital to help you get around, stay independent and carry out daily activities. However, as you age, many people experience complications with their balance.  They feel dizzy or unsteady, or as if they their surroundings were […]

Older Americans Month 2017: Age Out Loud

Getting older doesn’t mean what it used to. For many aging Americans, it is a phase of life where interests, goals, and dreams can get a new or second start. Today, aging is about eliminating outdated perceptions and living the way that suits you best. Take Barbara Hillary, for example. A nurse for 55 years […]

Aging In Place: Age The Way You Want To

Aging at home with the care you want sounds nice. And it is possible. Written by Tracey J. Egert The sun rises in the east and every evening we watch it slowly set in the west. Each morning you get up and try to give the day the Lord has made, your very best. The […]

Home Care For An Aging Parent: Easy Ways to Provide Quality Time

They spent their lives providing care and a home for you.  Now it is your turn to pay it forward for an aging parent. How long do you spend scrolling on your cell phone? Surfing the web? Reading a few chapters in a book? What about the time you spend flipping through TV programs? Have […]

Senior Citizens With Questions About About Aging

Who can I ask about senior services? Where can I get help understanding my Medicare? How can I get help with paying my medications? These are a few of the most pressing questions seniors ask themselves daily, and unfortunately they don’t know that we have tremendous local resources which can help with all of your questions and […]

Listening in Life: Adding Value To Your Life With an Invaluable Skill

We can be in such a rush at times in life that we fail to take the time to do something critical: listen. We pass each other at a coffee shop or the H-E-B.  We may be inclined to share a quick “good morning” or a “good afternoon,” which is fine by me because that’s […]